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Affirmations for New Mothers

The fourth trimester is a 24/7 job taking care of your baby while also trying to recover from your pregnancy and birth. Whether it's your first baby or you're a seasoned pro, every baby is different and it can be a steep learning curve along with your postpartum hormones going crazy that can sometimes leave you feeling unsure, overwhelmed and anxious.

These affirmations can give you a much needed mindful break to remind yourself what an incredible job you're doing. You can listen to the guided meditation here or read aloud to yourself from the list below.

I am doing my best and that is enough

I allow myself to take time for myself

I appreciate my body and all it’s done for me and my baby

I take time to nourish and care for myself

I allow myself to slow down and enjoy this time with my baby

I trust my instincts

I accept that things don’t always go to plan

I am supported by the people around me

I stay calm amongst the challenges

I accept that I am always learning

I am kind, loving and nurturing

I ask for and accept help when I need it

I am appreciated by the people around me

I am proud of the mother and the woman I am becoming

My baby is lucky to have me as a mom

I allow myself to feel joy, laughter and happiness

I allow myself to feel good

I am strong and capable

I am an amazing mom

It only takes a few minutes to make a big difference to how you feel so you can show up as the best version of yourself for whatever the rest of the day brings your way.

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