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5 Minute Mindful Practice for Mothers

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Motherhood is a time in our lives when having tools to support our mental health is essential. Our days are incredibly demanding and require us to give so much of ourselves to support the ones we love. Our time is also very limited so finding space for mindfulness practices can feel unrealistic. Thankfully, you can make a big impact on how you feel in as little as five minutes.

I created this 5 Minute Body Scan Guided Mediation to help mothers take their minds off the worries and to do lists and come back to themselves to feel more calm, grounded and peaceful. Focusing on different areas of our body allows our mind find a focus rather than jumping around to each thought that creeps in during meditation. Remember that meditation is a practice so each time you shift your focus away from a thought popping up and back to the meditation you are strengthening your mindfulness abilities.

Give this meditation a try here. I hope you find yourself feeling more relaxed and at peace after.

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