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5 Tips for Practicing Yoga with Your Baby

Before having kids, fitting my yoga practice into my schedule was a piece of cake. Morning home practice? Evening studio practice? Two classes in a row? No problem. I had no idea what a luxury this was at the time, but since becoming a mother, those days are long gone and fitting my yoga practice in has become a lot trickier even though my postpartum mind and body need it now more than ever.

Having time to myself to practice yoga is ideal for me. However, depending on what is happening that day with nap schedules, etc, some days that just isn't possible and including my baby into my yoga means I can still get that time in and feel so much better afterwards.

If you're not sure how to include your baby into your yoga practice, try these five tips to get started👇

1. Pick a time when they’re usually happy

For my baby, this is usually just after waking or eating. This is normally when he's happiest and ready for playtime.

2. Set them up next to you with toys and things to entertain them

I like to put a play mat at the top of my yoga mat so baby has plenty of space to play and roll around and can also see me easily as I practice.

Having a few different toys accessible before you begin is also ideal so you can swap one out for another if your bub becomes bored with it.

3. Engage with them through your practice

Whenever you are in a position like down dog, forward fold, etc where you can easily face and see your baby, use these poses to keep them engaged by chatting to them, making faces or noises.

You can also narrate your poses to them or even sing them songs as you move through your postures. Make it fun!

4. Keep it short and sweet

Around 15 minutes as a maximum is ideal for my baby so I try to fit the postures I'm aiming to go through into that timeframe. If there is a particular area you are wanting to work into, I also recommended doing those at the beginning of your practice in case it's cut short for any reason.

5. Prepare for interruptions and needing to change your plans

I'm sure I don't need to tell any moms this, but life with little kids (especially babies) is unpredictable. You may think you've planned everything out perfectly for them so that you can get some yoga in, but for whatever reason, they might have different plans that day. That is absolutely ok.

Go with the flow and adjust your practice as needed. You may need to stop for a diaper change or cut your practice short depending on how your baby is feeling that day. A little practice is still better than none.

If all else fails, just hold your baby and breathe for a few deep breaths to help you feel a little more calm and at peace.

Sometimes yoga looks different as a mama and that is also what makes it beautiful. ❤️


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