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Why Maternal Mental Health Matters

In an overview of the World Health Organization's review on the importance of caregiver-child interactions for survival and healthy development of young children, it states, "Regardless of where in the world they live and the differences in the care practices, all babies depend on warm, responsive, linguistically rich, and protective relationships in which they can grow and develop. The care of small children is critical to their survival, growth and psychological development."

It goes on to say, "Most important re the day to day interactions between primary caregivers and small children in affecting the child's brain development, psychological capacities and social adjustment".

This is why maternal mental health matters and why we are so passionate about it Mama Tine Yoga. As the saying goes, you can't fill from an empty cup and we believe that for mothers to show up in the best way for their children, they need to prioritize practices that support them to feel their best. Wether that be yoga, meditation, breath work, a walk outside or anything else that leaves you feeling better after. It doesn't take much time to make a big difference either. Research shows that regular practices for as little as five minutes can help to reduce stress and anxiety and allow you to be more present in everyday activities with your children.

When mothers are supported, families are supported and children are nurtured to reach their full potential. Making time for mindful practices and self care for mothers is not a luxury. It’s essential to the healthy functioning of the entire household.

Make yourself a priority, mamas.

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