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The Question I Ask Myself After A Sleepless Night With My Kids

Any mother can tell you that the morning after a long, sleepless night with your babies can be challenging. Wether it's from a sleep regression, teething, sickness or all the above, you're tired, the kids are tired and everything just becomes that much harder. However, as mamas we still have to keep going no matter the circumstances.

While coffee is my first port of call in those situations, it can only help so much before it crosses over from energizing to anxiety inducing so I also rely on other solutions too. I start by checking in with myself and asking this one question:

Do I need rest or do I need movement?

In an ideal day, there would be time for both, but that isn't always the case. The answer usually depends on just how tired I am. If I have absolutely nothing in the tank, then I try to get some rest to give me enough energy to function as a somewhat sane person for the rest or the day. If I feel like I have a little bit more in the tank, then movement is the best way for me to build on that to help wake me up and put me in a better mood.


Power nap

10-15 minutes is the sweet spot for me to feel energized without feeling groggy.

Guided Meditation

This usually results in me falling asleep as well, but sometimes doing it to the sound of someone else's voice is more relaxing.

Try my 5 min body scan meditation here if you only have a few minutes.

A few minutes in child's pose or legs up the wall pose

These poses are so nourishing, restorative and relaxing and will leave you feeling amazing without being challenging. You can hang out in these poses for as long as you have time for.


Gentle Yoga Stretches

Taking some time to stretch into your body especially chest opening poses, twists and standing poses will help you to feel invigorated.

Pram (Stroller) Walk

Sometimes getting your movement in without the kids just isn't an option. That's when the stroller comes in. Get yourself and your baby outside for some fresh air.

Low impact workout on YouTube

When you're exhausted, having someone else guide you and tell you exactly what to do for workout can make getting it done so much easier. Thankfully YouTube has so many great workouts to choose from. Check out one of my favorite's here.

Pro tip: if you have a little more time, you can try a combination of a rest and movement practice to maximize the impact.

It may not feel like it in the moment, but the difficult sleep phases do pass. The more you have in your tool box to help support you during those times, the more you can feel assured that you will make it through ok. You've got this, mama.

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