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Postnatal Yoga for Improved Posture

As mothers, our bodies go through a lot! From pregnancy, birth and then caring for your baby, there are so many changes to your body and daily activities that often cause us to round forward and can lead to poor posture.

These yoga postures will help you to strengthen your back and abdominals to support your body in correct alignment while also working to stretch and open your chest and shoulders.

This practice is best suited for women who have been cleared by their health care provider to begin exercising again post pregnancy.

You can practice this class on YouTube here or follow along with the postures below.

Cow Face Arms

This posture helps to open up and stretch the upper body, chest and shoulders.

Start by taking one arm up and bending the elbow to reach the hand between the shoulder blades. Take the opposite arm down and bend the elbow to each the hand up to meet and clasp the other hand.

If the hands do not reach, use a strap or other long piece of clothing to grab onto with both hands.

Puppy Pose

This pose helps to open up and stretch the upper body, chest and shoulders while also elongating the back.

Begin in all fours keeping the knees over the hips then walk the arms to the top of the mat to fully extend them. Release either the forehead or chin down to the floor as well as the chest.

Bird Dog

This posture helps to strengthen and stabilize the core, back and legs.

Start in all fours. On the inhale, reach to extend the arm and opposite leg. On the exhale, release the arm and leg back down. Continue to alternate from side to side with your breath for 10 rounds while working to keep the body stable without rocking from side to side or sinking into the shoulders.

This can be modified to only extend one arm or one leg at a time.

Halfway Lift

This is posture helps to strengthen the back, core and legs.

Start in a forward fold. On an inhale, take the hands to shins bringing the back up to a flat, horizontal position. Focus on keeping the core, legs and muscles between the shoulder blades engaged and lengthening through the back and neck while reaching the crown of the head forward to elongate the spine.

Kneeling Plank

This posture strengthens the core and low back.

Begin in all fours. Walk the hands forward in font of the shoulders then bring the shoulders over the hands. Activate the low belly by drawing it in and pelvic floor by drawing it up. Continue to breath and stay in this position for 30 - 60 seconds.

Cobra Pose

This posture helps to strengthen the lower and upper back and core.

Begin laying on your stomach. Take the hands under the shoulders then engage the core, legs and back to lift the chest and shoulders off the floor. Stay here for a few breaths then release.

Sphinx Pose

This pose stretches through the abdomen, chest and shoulders and strengthens the back.

Begin laying on your stomach. Come up onto the forearms by taking the elbows under the shoulders and pressing into the hands to lift up and out of the shoulders while keeping the chest open. Hold here for a few breaths then release back down.

Extended Child's Pose

This pose helps to open the chest, shoulders and upper body while lengthening through the spine.

Taking the big toes together and the knees mat width, bring the hips back to sit on the heels and reach the arms forward then release the chest and forehead down to the mat. Hold here for a few rounds on breath while allowing the body to relax.


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