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5 Reasons for Moms to Have a Home Exercise Practice


Any mother can tell you that it's sadly not uncommon for things not to go to plan. You can have everything organised perfectly, but then life happens. Kids get sick or it's nap time and they need to stay home meaning someone (most likely you) has to be home with them.

Although this may mean having to cancel or change things around, it shouldn't prevent you from being able to exercise. You may not be able to make it to the gym or the yoga studio, but you can still get your daily movement in at home! Establishing a home workout routine for yourself is a game changer and an ultimate mom hack for sticking with your health goals when you need to be at home with your kids.

Here's 5 reasons to start establishing a home exercise practice ASAP:

  • Allows you to still stay active when life happens and you need to be home

Where there's a will, there's a way and a mama with this mindset cannot be stopped.

  • Requires less times since you don’t have to go anywhere

Not having to drive anywhere, find parking, etc means your workout time can be solely focused on getting your movement in and nothing else.

  • No need for childcare

Put them down for a nap, in front of their favorite show with snacks or let them join you!

  • You can fit it in anytime that works for you

Figure out your ideal time for your workout. It might be early morning before the kids wake up or on hectic days, you may have to break it up between a few sessions through out the day. There is no wrong way to make it work.

  • Once you establish a home practice, you realise you can get your movement in anywhere

Whether you're at home or on vacation, having a home practice helps you to see how little you need to make your workout work.

So next time your plans change and you're stuck at home, switch into solution mode, roll out your exercise mat and get your movement in right where you are. You've got this, mama!

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