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4 Restorative Yoga Poses for Exhausted Moms

Are you in the early postpartum period and feeling exhausted? I think all mothers can relate to this feeling. Wether it's due to the physical demands of waking up with your baby and catering to their every need or the mental load of figuring out all of your new responsibilities with your baby, it can leave you feeling totally worn out.

These poses work to counter balance that and help you feel more nurtured, supported and relaxed.

As a restorative practice, each posture is held for several breaths to allow you to relax into the pose and reap the benefits of stillness in your mind and body.

Supported Child's Pose

This pose allows the body to rest in a supported position while opening up through the hips, glutes and back.

Taking the big toes together and the knees wide apart, allow the hips to sink towards the heels and the upper body to rest onto a bolster or stacked pillows. Place the arms wherever is comfortable.

Reclined Chest Opener

This pose gently stretches the chest and shoulders while in reclined, supported position.

Using two towels or blankets, roll them lengthways and place one horizontally under the bra line and the other under the head and neck while laying down on the back. A blanket or pillow can also be placed under the knees to keep the low back comfortable.

Supported Bridge Pose

This pose allows the low back to relax and release in a supported, reclined position.

Laying down onto the back with the knees bent and feet placed on the floor, place a bolster, pillow or blankets under the hips to elevate them. Allow the body to relax into this position.

Legs Up the Wall

This deeply nourishing pose allows the body to rest while also releasing any heaviness in the legs and feet.

Scoot your hips up towards a wall, let the back relax onto the ground and the feet reach up and rest onto the wall. Pull the hips further away from the wall if that is more comfortable. A pillow can also be used under the head and/or back from more support.

Head to the link here to watch the full 15 minute guided class.

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